M 70 Heater Sealing Paper Cup Machine


Product Description

M-70 Heater Sealing Paper Cup Machine is a multi-station automatic cup making equipment. Installed with photoelectric sensor, fault detecting device, high-precision counter and other instruments, this paper converting instrument is frequently asked for production and manufacture of a comprehensive range of drink cups. The paper cup maker fulfills a number of complex procedures and is noted for easy operation, stable properties, little occupied area and high production. It adopts CAM and gear transmission system. Machine run stably under high speed operation. The parts are all made of standardized production, strong commonality, swap performance is good, easy to maintenance. The automatic lubrication system, closed, can ensure the machine long time continuous high-speed operation. The machine parts have high precision and low noise.




1.2-12 oz

Paper Material

150- 2 280 gsm/m 2Single -side PE film coated / laminated paper

Rated Productivity

70 pieces / minute (3600-4200 PCS/hour, on cup size, paper quality and thickness)

Power Source

220V/380V 50Hz

Total Power

4.5 kw

Working Power

2.5 kwh

Total weight

1500 kg

Overall Dimension

2800 x 1400 x 1700 mm